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do you have ballet classes for adults I'm in a worship team (church) I would like to improve our ballet skills, I'm really interested,I would like to know what classes do you have, thanks
Jun 13 2008 7:25am
ballet classes more
Jun 13 2008 7:26am
Benefits of ballet I have danced all my life and I enjoy every minute of it. My goal now is to share my passion for ballet with others. I currently teaches ballet classes at the Miami Royal Ballet school (www.miamiroy ...
Dec 24 2007 8:00am
... ith The Stars and gyms offering pole dancing classes, maybe Dance is the "new" diet... more
Dec 26 2007 6:58pm
About dancing classes I just want to know if there is any dancing( ballet) class for kids now if not when will you have any.
Feb 26 2008 1:50pm
We offer ballet calles for children 4 and up. We also ... more
Feb 27 2008 11:42am
Tampa Bay Ballet Summer Intensive Workshop   TAMPA BAY BALLETSUMMER INTENSIVE WORKSHOP AUDITIONS   2/20/10 Tampa Bay Ballet (9-12 years) 2:00pm - 4:00pm (13 years and up) 4:00pm - 6:00pm Audition Fee - $10     SIW   I ...
Feb 14 2010 5:51pm
Classes fight boredom with pole dancing, trapeze flying, 007 trai You know you're in an exercise rut if you find yourself staring down the clock on the treadmill or hypnotized by the speedometer while spinning. Elisa Jacobs, a staff writer for L.A.'s s ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
A Great Web Site to Eat By I was at my daughter's ballet class couple of weeks ago commenting on a mother who had lost weight and looked really great and healthy and bright. I complemented her and congratulated her on sti ...
Sep 24 2007 7:47pm
I checked out and found it very informative and worth a visit to get inspi ... more
Jan 21 2009 8:51pm
Jujitsu for girls One of my best buddies has a little girl who’s 7 years old. My buddy feels like she was pushed around as a kid and never had the opportunity to develop confidence. Now, my friend doesn’t like the te ...
Aug 23 2007 9:49pm
Bored? Cross Training Beats the Workout Blahs My husband asked me not too long ago why I felt the need to take ballet, outdoor boot camp and yoga classes when we belong to a perfectly good gym that even offers similar workouts. Well, I go there ...
Jul 05 2007 1:48pm
Not only does cross training help with your motivation and adhearance to exercise, but als ... more
Jul 08 2007 6:42pm
Workout Wake-up Tired of the same-old, same-old at the gym? Give your body (and spirit!) a lift with fusion fitness classes. At 24 Hour Fitness ( get your heart rate up with "Pilates Pulse" - a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... ming alive by 'fusing' a number of different class formats. This is a great way to capita ... more
Jul 02 2007 8:45pm
Come Dancing: Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, and More Broadway Dance Studio in Astoria, Queens, offers lessons in Hip-Hop, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Pointe at reasonable rates. All levels taught; private and semi-private lessons available. Please contact ...
Sep 14 2007 10:04am