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The Macrobiotic Diet The Macrobiotic Diet has been made famous by celebrities who supposedly follow it, such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. This is the diet that might make it hard to have dinner parties. A combination ...
Feb 05 2007 12:52pm
My only problem with it is that it would be so hard to follow! How would you go camping? ... more
Feb 20 2007 10:02am
Tips for Moms Post-Partum Losing weight is never easy. When you're a new mom and lack of sleep has taken over, it's pretty hard to get motivated to work out or eat right. I found some tips on losing weight the safe way (here ...
Feb 07 2008 8:51am
MY NAME IS ERICA,this my second pregnancy I had a still birth in 03/09,I m pregnant again ... more
Aug 08 2009 9:01am
Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan basic principles Mediterranean diet meal plan is suitable for people who want to correct their figure or keep it for a long time. Followers of Mediterranean diet plan believe that it can rejuvenate and improve the b ...
Sep 14 2009 11:10am
hey i really like ur diet meal plan..... more
Dec 20 2010 4:14pm
Lose 10 lbs A Week - Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet Plan Revealed If you want to lose 10 lbs a week naturally and without any intensive cardio exercise, then Fat Loss 4 idiots is the best for you. All you need now is to be on diet and to Lose 10 lbs is alw ...
Jul 21 2008 9:55am
I have been using the fat loss for idiots plan for almost 3 years and have to disagree wit ... more
Nov 16 2013 12:25pm
Pre-Plan Your Meal Before looking at the menu Whenever I would eat out, I would normally order the ‘wrong’ kind of food because it would just look so inviting on the menu card. Now, what I do is to pre-plan my order so that there is less room fo ...
Sep 09 2007 3:22am
Yes - I agree, if eating out is soemthing special, then obviously you would want to make t ... more
Sep 14 2007 5:00am
Clinton's Health Care Plan vs. Obama's Health Care Plan In the race for the democratic presidential nomination, health care has been a major talking point. I wonder what fellow Wellsphere members feel about Hillary Clinton's proposed Health Care Plan, ...
Feb 14 2008 6:21pm
This is an interesting topic for debate... car insurance for example, is required (at leas ... more
Feb 25 2008 10:19am
Plan your meals. When you're on a diet, I've realized the only way to eat right is to plan ahead - which is really hard for me, because my job requires tons of dinners out on the town. What I do though is look at the ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... having the aforethought to look at an online menu, pick your meal and order with grace and ... more
Jun 29 2007 10:31am
For Thinner Thighs-Plan Ahead You know you?ll be out all day, appointments, errands, etc. What do you do? You can use it as an excuse to eat junk from the drive thru, grab chip or a candy bar and a bottle of soda at the convenie ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Flatten Your Belly Meal Plan British food scientist Monica Grenfell has filled this 3-day meal plan with simple, unprocessed foods. The plan is designed to completely eliminate bloat over the next few days, so your belly will get ...
Mar 09 2007 12:18pm
Tips for Planning Big Events Whether it's a wedding, a film festival, a marathon, a family are some very general tips on how to maintain in the midst of planning something big. 1) Don't do it alone. Even if yo ...
Oct 14 2007 12:08pm
... extremely flexible. I think that delegating planning to a certain extent is important. So ... more
Dec 03 2007 8:41pm