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Looking for Tips on What We'd Need It's still winter here, so I'm researching hiking in the spring/summer. It will be me, my husband, and our son (2 years old) most likely. Hopefully, we could get some friends to join (most of our f ...
Jan 29 2008 8:33am
Depending on where you hike, the type of clothing you where is important. If you're go ... more
Jan 30 2008 7:16pm
Autumn 2007 Schedule Greetings! The autumn schedule for JKA Shotokan is as follows: Tuesday: 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Burnham Pavilliion Thursday: 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Burnham Pavilliion Saturday: Noon - 2:00 PM, San D ...
Oct 10 2007 7:26pm
Autumn is Hay Fever Season...Again Hay fever is a form of allergy affecting the lining of the nose, eyes and throat. As many of us know, it can be miserable. Although most people think of spring time when they hear the term hay fever ...
Sep 11 2007 3:36am
Help a Green Groom out! Hi all! My soon to be wife has assigned me the all important task of picking out a wedding photohrapher for our Januaray Dallas Wedding. I have heard great things about Bellissimo Foto and my friend ...
Mar 23 2009 6:57am
My father was a photographer and I must say I love these shots.  Great candids and I don't ... more
Jul 08 2010 5:48am
Scientists Finally Discover a Pill That "Exercises" For You!! It will probably end up having some weird side-effect, but we'll see. I also feel like this approach is "cheating", but who says Mother Nature is ALWAYS right. If nature was always right, we'd just ge ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
NEW Holiday Hours for the ACSR Now Posted! Sat, 12/15: 10am – 6pm Sun, 12/16: 10am – 6pm M-F, 12/17 – 12/21: 6am – 8pm Sat, 12/22: 10am – 6pm Sun, 12/23: ...
Nov 27 2007 10:00am
Cheryl Tiegs and the great outdoors Cheryl Tiegs is the cover girl now for Experience Life magazine, talking about Sports Travel Adventure Therapy (STAT). She goes on these adventure trips with a small group of women to places like th ...
Oct 01 2007 9:15am
I just read up on STAT, and found out that it's based right in my own backyard, actually-j ... more
Oct 20 2007 6:41pm
Eating Out While Staying Fit Going out to dinner makes it tough to stay on a diet, but how can you resist all of those social events from birthday parties to weddings that dictate what you eat? Restaurants have been making a bi ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
High Volume Training I just started this new routine I read about and its impressed me thus far so i thought i'd share it. Mon. Lats, Tue. Chest, Wed Legs, Thurs Back/Shoulders, & Fri Arms. In the morning you do a heavy w ...
Sep 14 2007 8:49pm
I would love to see your workout plan. Can you post it here or under the Success Story gr ... more
Oct 03 2007 5:16pm
Instant Energy! Of all the things we'd like more of time, sleep, another finger-scoop of cake icing energy is at the top of most of our lists. For almost all of us, energy levels swirl down the day's drain as more ho ...
Mar 12 2007 10:41am