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Are Genetically Modified Foods Labeled Used In The Us - General Discussions

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Genetically Modified Foods: Boon or Boondoggle? When you bite into an apple, you pretty much know what you're getting. The same can't be said for many packaged foods, which often contain ingredients that have been "genetically modified." Corn and ...
Apr 05 2007 11:05am
Food labels According to Prepared Foods magazine, the FDA is trying to get its act together when it comes to diet food labeling. Heath claims on food labels will be evaluated scientifically. Also, reinforcing a ...
Dec 04 2007 8:40pm
... about that. Reading labels can be pretty confusing, especially when a product is promoting ... more
Dec 11 2008 11:18am
A quick tip on reading labels When you are buying packaged food, here is a simple thing you should check for. To get healthy food, look at the label and buy food that lists at least two different kinds of vitamins, along w ...
Jul 29 2007 2:49am
Beware of what it says on the Nutrition Label We as a society have become aware of the importance of watching what it is we put into our bodies, but a lot of people are getting fooled by the phrase ?fat free?. When you see a product advertised a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... ng marked 100 calories. These are not magic foods-these are expensive portion control gim ... more
Aug 25 2007 6:03pm
Look at the label When shopping, it is critical to look at the label for the ingredients. For example, with breads, you want to make sure the ingredients do not say "enriched flour." If it does, it is not 100% whole ...
Jessica K.
Oct 21 2007 2:49pm
... ice! It's hard to know what to look for because companies label their products so it seem ... more
Oct 22 2007 5:31pm
Three back-of-label ingredients that are good news Sometimes, looking at the ingredients on the back of a processed food packet can be like staring at a map of an unfamiliar land. You might not understand all the big words, but don't be intimidate ...
Aug 14 2007 11:59am
Organic living: Simple steps to help move toward a healthier diet Seventy-five years ago, all of the food produced in the United States was organic. However, since World War II, modern farming methods have resulted in the use of synthetic chemicals; large, automatic ...
Mar 07 2007 12:07pm
Your Friend, the Label Maker There is this nifty little device called a label maker, and it is your friend. I used to wonder why I would need one, since I could print labels with my computer. But, when it comes to filing, it's ...
Oct 21 2007 5:10pm
Cookies With Edible Nutrition Label Design company Andrew Andrew are selling cookies that have the nutritional information printed directly into the cookie. The handmade cookies measure around 4" by 5" and apparently cost $25 for two! ...
Apr 26 2007 10:24am
Venture Capital Veteran Launches Motivational Music Label 'SkinnySongs' From Reuters... Heidi Roizen Develops Fun, Empowering, Radio-Quality Pop Music for Women Who Want to Lose Weight and Get in Shape WOODSIDE, Calif.--(Business Wire)--What do great music and los ...
Dec 31 2007 12:28pm
Well, the New York Times just said that pop songs like these are the be ... more
Jan 15 2008 8:03am