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Sales Are Strong for Alli Desperate for a fat quick fix, consumers have purchased more than two million starter packages of the new weight-loss product Alli in the past four months. It costs $60 for 90 tablets and is a ...
Oct 31 2007 4:25pm
Diet pill's icky side effects keep users honest Sometimes, you can't stop your weight-loss secrets from leaking out. Dieters have been flocking to drugstores to pick up Alli, the first over-the-counter weight-loss pill to be approved by the Food ...
Jul 19 2007 11:40am
Ick. This is just so gross to me. Keeping it honest - eww. I think that anyone who needs t ... more
Jul 27 2007 11:20am
The diet pill: Mega advertising blitz offers hope in a bottle to Prepare for an advertising blitz to beat all blitzes. Seven advertising agencies, funded through a one-year, startup campaign estimated at more than $150 million, will try to persuade dieters to take ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Readers share drastic attempts to lose weight Oh, the things we'll do to lose a few pounds... In response to an story about a new over-the-counter diet pill with some icky side effects, readers shared the most extreme measures the ...
Jul 19 2007 11:39am
Sacred Path of the Warrior /meditation If you have ever tried to sit and meditate for any length of time you already know that it takes tremendous resolve and fortitude to remain seated unflinchingly for some time.  This was also recognize ...
Oct 19 2007 3:21pm
I've been reading a ton of Chogyam Trungpa's books of late and I love his definition of ... more
Feb 14 2008 11:30am
You do not need pills to walk! I just saw a new Alli commercial – you know, those FDA approved diet pills that come with a ton of warnings. There is the craziest assertion in it: “I can walk around the block again with my dog,” ...
Dec 28 2007 10:31am
If that's not enough to convince you maybe warnings of anal leakage will. Honestly, you'd ... more
Dec 29 2007 2:01pm
Mediterranean diet helps heart Mediterranean diet is a useful ally in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Recent studies carried out by researchers of the University of Ben-Gurion (Israeli) found mediterranean eating style, ri ...
Mar 25 2010 2:25am
Thank you so much! I'm just trying to share what I've read/learnt about healthy eating w ... more
May 27 2010 8:15am
PILATES/CALLANETICS, BTC ANAYLSIS AND NUTRITIONS Hi Pilates-doers Team, Firstly I new on this site, to tell you all, I feel kinda silly (stupid) being here. I have NEVER been on a Pilates site before. Well! I fully qualified on must exercise pr ...
Oct 12 2010 1:08pm
hi allyd i want to start exercising its long over due ive heard abt pilates bt i have medi ... more
Nov 29 2010 7:21pm
SPRINGHILL GROUP COUNSELLING: Engaging NK only option to resolve nuclear program: ex-US envoy      Engaging NK only option to resolve nuclear program: ex-US envoy   A policy of engagement with North ...
Oct 04 2012 6:39am
Accountability If you are going on a diet, accountability is indeed a huge factor in terms of being a success. If everyone you know knows that you intend to lose weight, you will be less likely to slam in five sli ...
Aug 23 2007 11:11am
This is very true. If those around you know you are trying to lose weight, they will supp ... more
Aug 24 2007 12:13pm