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Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Adults --- United States, 2005 Eating fruit and vegetables daily is known to help lower the risk of many diseases. But most American adults are not eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables even though they know the ...
Mar 16 2007 11:54am
Physically Active Adults Slow Biological Aging LONDON, Jan. 29 -- If longer leukocyte telomeres are a true measure of biological youth, adults who are physically active in their leisure time may be fighting back against the passage of time. S ...
Feb 04 2008 10:45am
Nearly half of adults who use herbs don't use them correctly About half of the people who use herbal supplements do not use them in recommended levels, according to findings which appear in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings for May. More than 30,000 adults were surve ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Adults need bed-times too! I've learned from several reliable sources (including personal experience) that going to bed earlier to catch up on sleep doesn't work too well. Often it just takes us longer to fall asleep. Our bodie ...
Jun 30 2007 12:55pm
Do you have dance classes for adults? I'd like to pick back up some old skills? Is that something you support? Do you have classes for adults? Please advise.
Jan 09 2008 11:56am
Even adults get acne... If you're an adult who's suffered from acne way past the awkward teen phase, take a look at some of the ingredients in your skincare products. Here are some ingredients you definitely want to stock ...
May 27 2008 1:19pm
... ommend that everyone look up coconut oil and shea butter as effective acne treatments. Man ... more
Aug 17 2009 4:27pm
how much does rollerskating with 2 adults and one child how much does rollerskating cost with 2 adults and one child
Mar 22 2008 3:49pm
... tly at: (212) 336-6500 or check out their website: more
May 05 2008 11:47am
Meditation technique is one that stressed-out adults dream about A health spa in Fort Worth, TX, offers a class that recharges participants through a relaxing power nap. The class mixes guided meditation with a kind of catnap. "It takes people out of the chitter-ch ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Adult coed indoor Sunday evenings Upland Looking for experienced players to join and have fun!!!!!We have players from 17 to 50. contact cheryl:
Sep 24 2007 11:12pm
Palo Alto Adult Soccer League For anyone interested, there is a soccer league in Palo Alto for people 25 and older. I believe they have leagues that start 3 times throughout the year. Check out:
Oct 18 2007 1:48pm