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Black Cohosh Capsules Black Cohosh Capsules Black cohosh has relieves the physiological changes associated with menopause. Black Cohosh standardized extract may enhance reduce the occurrence of undesirable hot flashes. Buy ...
Dec 23 2009 3:16am
Black Cohosh alleviated my hot flashes when I entered peri-menopause, but it made me feel ... more
Apr 13 2011 7:34pm
abdominal adhesions I have chronic bowel obstrutions and particle bowel obstructions because of abdominal adhesions.  I was just wondering if any has heard of a new treatment for them.  I have had 18 surgeries on my abdo ...
Feb 07 2009 2:15pm
Hello jan I am really sorry to hear about ur condition, but id never heard of it so l ... more
Feb 12 2009 6:05am
Bolstering Your Immune System: Overview As a biochemist and former college instructor I loved my subject.  I never thought I would become an expert on the immune system by default. When Fred my husband was diagnosed at 36 with Immune Canc ...
Jan 06 2009 10:19am
If you add chiastuff to your daily diet with any food or drink most GI issues disappear. G ... more
Jan 14 2010 8:58pm
Collagen helps arthritis Don't dream of letting your head hit the pillow without taking proto-col collagen capsules, which have been hailed by A-list celebrities as the beauty holy grail in rejuvenating ageing skin. When ...
Jun 16 2010 1:53pm
Experience about a kid who has suffered with Arthritis. Later it was decided that methot ... more
Dec 07 2012 8:52am
Basic tips on Spices. People may have traveled halfway across the globe to get spices in the past. But today, spices are largely put in the back shelves, more looked at than actually used. But you'd be surprised to know ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
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Jun 26 2008 10:18pm
Garlic: The Herbal Superfood An enormous amount of research has been done on the "stinking rose", otherwise known as garlic. Here are just a few of the amazing applications of this herbal powerhouse: Lowering cholesterol/thinn ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Emergen-C I was talking in the locker room at my atheletic club yesterday about Emergen-C because I gave a packet to racquetball partner whose body felt a little low on energy after two really hard games of c ...
Sep 13 2007 2:45pm
Hoodia Hoodia comes from the Kalahari Desert in Africa. The Kalahari tribe use hoodia to stave off hunger when they go on long hunts or expeditions. They chew on the fleshy part of the cactus-like plant th ...
Feb 20 2007 2:50pm
I really don't know what the side effects are. Honestly, to me it seems like a waste of m ... more
Mar 07 2007 11:54am
Cinnamon Lowers Blood Sugar and Cholesterol With the onset of fall and winter, you might be interested in adding warmer flavors to your diet. If so, consider cinnamon. German researchers found that taking cinnamon extract daily can reduce blood ...
Sep 26 2007 1:02pm
BALLS! Well, maybe it's a blessing that I need to move out of the house this week. In the process of emptying out the garage and packing stuff up, I found my tennis racket buried deep under the spider webs ...
Mar 13 2007 1:52pm
Meant to type Clark. more
Jul 11 2007 11:24am