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Why Acupressure Hurts So Good Acupressure, usually performed using the thumb and fingers, can have some amazing effects on health and wellbeing, but the truth is, it can be pretty painful. Areas needing special attention can some ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Good day, my advice is fou you to go to the same chiropractor and ask a second opinion. Fr ... more
Apr 27 2010 7:32am
Resistance Bands for Muscle Tone What looks like a giant rubber band, provides resistance for strength training and is easy to travel with? Resistance bands are an inexpensive, convenient, and effective way to tone muscles witho ...
Oct 23 2007 4:08pm
Slim band Has anyone tried Slim band? or maybe know someone who has tried slimband and it has worked for them?
Feb 28 2011 2:11am
Yes, my mother said, that it works. All main information was found here (  ). If you have ... more
May 28 2012 7:56pm
Musical Hallucinations: Strike Out The Band - Please! The Lyme Times Volume 34 By Virginia T. Sherr, M.D. Miriam's feminine skills and unfailing sensual radar led to glorious friendships. She ...
Jul 09 2008 6:08pm
Strike up the Band One study has recently revealed that listening to music while walking may cause you to lose twice as much as if you walked without it. I like to walk with music. It helps me keep my pace up and make ...
Jul 17 2007 8:09am
I LOVE working out to music too and would encourage everyone to pick their favorite tunes, ... more
Jul 18 2007 9:33pm
Drummer Gary Allen says watch your posture! Drummer Gary Allen (Charlie Daniels Band, J.J. Cale’s band, The Outfit) notes that the art of drumming places “great physical demands on the body”. He knew to keep good posture from the get-go and i ...
Aug 27 2007 11:34am
Want To Lose Your Weight in Two Weeks First of all, losing weight in two weeks may be possible, depending on your current weight and the system or method of weight loss chosen. For many individuals, losing up to 10 pounds in two weeks i ...
Jun 14 2010 3:09am
Is surgery have side effects? more
Jul 10 2010 7:13am
Tahitian mud scrub or advanced shiatsu? - Navigating a spa menu Spas are becoming ever more innovative in designing their treatment menus, and sometimes it's hard to choose what's right for you when you can't pronounce a quarter of the options...! Consider t ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Let's face it, some of the copy on spa menus can be as high falutin' as a 4-star restauran ... more
Nov 15 2007 6:29pm
The Need for Bodily Detoxification Everyday we breathe, eat, drink, and otherwise come into contact with toxins, free radicals, and other harmful compounds that both age us prematurely and lead to a plethura of disease. Since these to ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Facial Yoga Sometimes I think it's easy to take any form of "relaxing" physical activity, add "yoga" to the end of it, and voila! You have a new form of yoga! Well, whether or not it's really yoga, a yoga te ...
Sep 07 2007 2:04pm
I found this topic very interesting but the link to the full story didn't work so I goog ... more
Dec 02 2008 1:19pm