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Academic Support And Peer Pressure - General Discussions

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Peer Pressure I’m far to old to succumb to peer pressure surrounding drugs or alcohol. But I’ve got some bad-ass friends who are all over the time zone chart AND stay up crazy hours. I’ve been up to 3 and 4 am la ...
Sep 30 2007 11:38am
... love to party, drink, stay up late) totally pressure him into just going out and getting ... more
Oct 23 2007 10:42am
Top 5 Ways to Stick to your New Year's Resolutions Every year, most of us make New Year's Resolutions, only to promptly forget about them weeks later. Here are some steps you can take to help stick to your resolutions in 2008: 1. Set specific go ...
Dec 28 2007 6:08pm
Thanks for the great advice! I've actually found that writing down my goals in the past ha ... more
Jan 25 2008 12:57pm
Moms who lack support are at greater risk of poor mental health A new study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles indicates mothers of young children have more than three times the risk of mental health problems than their peers if they feel they ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
According to me there is a lots of people, who facing a lots of challenge of serious pro ... more
Jul 25 2008 10:36pm
The Sports Bra Turns 30 - Finding the Best Support For You Happy Birthday! The Sports Bra Turns 30. Women??'s sports bras have come a long way since 1977, when two female athletes sewed together two jock straps to try to get a more supportive brassiere. So h ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
i need support i just found out that i am pregnant andihave a 4 year old daughter. their fatherbroke up with me and he is blaming me saying i got pregnant on purpose and he doesnt trust me because i did get pregnant ...
Sep 24 2009 12:04am
im telling you now, if he is making you feel this unstable and emotional then get away fro ... more
Dec 07 2011 7:17am
Seoul To Have Just Two Workers to Support One Elderly Person By 2039 - Springhill Care Group An average of two Seoul citizens would have to work to support one ...
Oct 04 2012 6:22am
Support staff I have a friend who is in AA and I'm always interested to hear her talk. Whenever she has a problem and we are hashing it out, she inevitably brings up "her sponsor" and what "her sponsor" said. I fin ...
Jun 15 2007 5:38pm
Caregiver support group on Stanford Campus The Stanford WorkLife office and local elder services agency Avenidas co-sponsor a monthly support group for staff and faculty who have caregiving responsibilities for a parent, spouse, partner or o ...
Jan 11 2008 1:40pm
Commendable, that there are organizations that address this topic. Generally most people ... more
Jan 12 2008 12:54pm
support Hi I am struggling to keep my head above with an alcoholic husband who denies he has a drink has really taken its toll on me emotionally and am only just beginning to unde ...
Aug 24 2008 5:31am
... ohol. He will not know that you are there to support him and what not. I am not telling yo ... more
Nov 23 2009 1:00pm
Secondary progressive MS & Friendship Support Hi everyone out there in cyberspace! I am a caregiver to a dear friend who has been battling MS for 24 years now. It has progressively moved up his body through the years and now is affecting his ...
Sep 02 2010 7:48am
Hi Bobbysgirl - Are you still out there? We never continued with our conversations an ... more
Nov 04 2014 7:19pm