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Tips for Running a 5k Video Did anyone see the PBS OVA special last night in which they took 13 people who were very sedentary and within a year 12 of them ran a marathon? Granted they ran it very slowly but they were able to ...
Nov 01 2007 12:06am
Also in the running news was a terrible report about Olympic marathon runner, Ryan Shay, u ... more
Nov 03 2007 11:25am
Number of miles in a 5K I ran a 5k recently and was surprised to learn how many of my friends didn't know how long that was. The answer is 3.1 miles. A Kilometer is about .6 miles, so for a 5K just mutliply 5 km by .6 to ...
Apr 09 2008 2:00pm
Right, Dave, 6.2 miles for a 10K. A half marathon is 13.1 miles and a full marathon is 26. ... more
Dec 07 2008 11:43pm
My First 5K advice I have been planning to run my first 5K this year. I am not a great runner but I seem to be motivated enough to do it somewhat consistently. I have a few questions. 1. Is running on a treadmill good e ...
Jun 19 2008 6:06pm
congrats ahead of time! it feels so good to complete a race, no matter the distance. I r ... more
Jun 20 2008 7:19am
is 5k training a good goal for a beginner? I'm starting to really get active and have never been a big runner. Is training for a 5k a good first goal?
Jan 05 2010 5:22pm
Setting a race goal like a 5K race is a very positive approach in achiev ... more
Jan 30 2012 6:35am
Keep Movin' Dyess 5K Interested in a fun 5K that will take you through the Linear Airplane Park on Dyess Air Force Base? Sign up for the inaugural Keep Movin' Dyess 5K, which is being held on March 6, and is open to the p ...
Feb 21 2010 3:53pm
Runnnn... I want to run. I really want to run. But...I need to work up my endurance first. That's why I'm doing the Couch 2 5k program I found on Couch 2 5k is a 9 week program that "trains" y ...
Apr 22 2007 1:32pm
Scheduling exercise I've heard, lord knows where or when, that, when starting an exercise program, it's a good idea to work out one day and rest the nect, etc... Any truth to that? ~ Alex
May 13 2008 12:24pm
It's helpful to have a buddy - I'm looking for one - hint, hint.... What kind of exercis ... more
Feb 26 2011 2:15pm
Don't be shy about Fart(lek) Are you stuck in a workout rut? Bored with running the same route day after day? Here's one way to shake things up, and become a stronger runner at the same time: Fartlek. It's not as bad as it sounds ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Fartleks are my favorite form of speed training. Here is my page on speed with some genera ... more
Dec 13 2009 9:17pm
Required time is 3:30 I've run two marathons. My first marathon (Canadian International in Toronto Canada), I completed on a dare from my buddies. I had never run more than 1 mile in my life but after sitting at lunch wi ...
Jan 26 2007 7:43pm
Running a marathon is very satisfying for me. Obviously, the training provides benefits: ... more
Jan 27 2007 10:07am
Walk-a-thon opportunities Hello all! As the endurance training community coordinator, and being that the walk-a-thon community is part of the ET community, I thought I would post links to organizations that host Walk-a-th ...
Feb 05 2008 7:50am
I just signed up to walk my first marathon with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team i ... more
Sep 05 2009 5:16am