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Affordable Massage... in Marin County Here are a few of my tried & true places to go for regular, affordable massage therapy 'over the bridge' in Marin County... Bodywise - 415.459.6333 1566 4th Street, San Rafael Skilled, prof ...
Aug 15 2007 8:58pm
Carroll County's tips on eating out Carroll County, Maryland is right on the Mason-Dixon line, on the way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. They have some fine continental and local cuisine restaurants and it's easy to overdo it there! ...
Sep 24 2007 5:28pm
My favorite is: Enjoy a salad and an appetizer in place of an entree, or take home half yo ... more
Sep 27 2007 10:19am
Healthy dining restaurants in Carroll County Carroll County, Maryland gives out an Award of Excellence to restaurants that are 100% smoke free AND offer at least 80% of their required food options: - offering whole grain food foods - off ...
Sep 24 2007 5:43pm
Ashtanga in Orange County I am going to spend a few weeks in Fullerton in Orange County. Does anyone know where the nearest Ashtanga yoga class is?
Feb 05 2008 11:57am
Hot tubs can hurt male fertility! I really enjoy a soak in a hot tub, especially late at night and before sleep. I used to do this almost every night. As a doc, I alwasys knew that men who expose themselves to elevated temperatures ...
Sep 23 2007 9:53pm
Running in hot weather Here are some tips to avoid injury when running in hot weather. Give your body a week’s time to get used to the hot weather. Avoid the hottest part of the day, when the sun is really stro ...
Sep 28 2007 3:05am
Hot baths up infertility risk in men Men who repeatedly take hot baths or Jacuzzis may be at an increased risk of infertility, the results of a new study indicate. However in some cases, this may be reversible. According to US researche ...
Mar 06 2007 10:13am
Hot Stone Massage for Maximum Grounding I'm generally a huge fan of Swedish massage but I recently discovered how grounding hot stone massage can be. I know that different practitioners have different styles, but my favorite is when the the ...
Nov 14 2007 12:27pm
Hot stones are also used during back facials. ... more
Oct 18 2009 2:36pm
Bikram = HOT Yoga My mom told me she tried a yoga class recently and didn't like yoga because it was an unbearably hot and sweaty experience. Thought there might be some others out there who didn't know the different ...
Dec 27 2007 10:15am
Some people can be kindly directed while others need to be hammered upon the head. AS lo ... more
Jan 29 2008 5:31pm
Hot Stone Massage in Manhattan,New York City. Best NYC Spa for Hot Stone Massage in New York: Dyanna Body & Nail Salon Spa         The practice of using hot stones to massage the body has b ...
Jun 16 2010 4:53pm