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Cleanse your mind, not your body "Cleanse Your Mind, Not Your Body" Week 1: All fruit, no protein Week 2: All protein, no fruit Week 3: Protein powder and sugar free juice Week 4: Realize you want to eat like a normal human ...
Oct 10 2007 10:19pm
... I usually do feel better after a few days of juice, fruits, and veggies. However, I don't ... more
Nov 12 2007 6:07am
Getting Started Currently I am at 140lbs. But I would like to be in the weight range of 130-135. I have an athletic build. I work out at least 5 days a week. But my eating habits are really bad. I need to learn ...
Nov 03 2007 3:07pm
... e my food intake as well as cravings; as for juice, the best picks (if you are a juice-a-h ... more
Nov 08 2007 5:27pm
Detox Diets For those of you who love maple syrup…today is your lucky day! There’s a detox diet out there that apparently rids your system of toxins and makes you feel great. All you have to do is drink a water ...
Jan 24 2007 11:03am
I know, it's crazy. Yes, just avoid those "toxins" in the first place, although I'm not e ... more
Mar 07 2007 11:56am
Delicious Spinach I know bagged spinach got a bad wrap last year, but this is one of my favorite staples to have on hand. It's great raw for salads. You don't need to be fancy. Just mix it in with your regular green ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Cook It Right! We all know how fried foods effect our health (and weight) negatively, but many people are at a loss for how to prepare foods in an equally-delicious but more healthful way. The following methods o ...
Sep 11 2007 3:54am
We use a wok to make stir fry and all kinds of other foods. With stir fries, you can throw ... more
Dec 05 2007 12:22pm
The great outdoors With the sun in the sky and long summer evenings on the way, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time outside. Barbecues, pic ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Readers share drastic attempts to lose weight Oh, the things we'll do to lose a few pounds... In response to an story about a new over-the-counter diet pill with some icky side effects, readers shared the most extreme measures the ...
Jul 19 2007 11:39am
Have You Had Your Apple Today? The old saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", and this most certainly does ring true in reality. Nutritionists and doctors alike would be practically put out of business if people would ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
As Mary said, we should be brainwashed, but yet most people still don't eat enough fruits ... more
Oct 04 2007 2:58pm
Changing Your Diet...for Good Making a commitment to a healthy diet is challenging at best. Here are some tips for integrating healthy food choices into your diet and keeping them there…for good. Find the strong points and weak p ...
Sep 11 2007 3:58am
I don't think that making a commitment to healthy eating is challenging at all. It is act ... more
Dec 04 2007 6:00am
TV Food Advertising: Targeted to Kids The Kaiser Family Foundation has undertaken the largest study ever of TV food advertising to children. Here are the salient details. Age 2-7 Age 8-12 Age 13-17 Food ads seen per day ...
Mar 29 2007 12:07pm