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Dirk H.

Ely, Minnesota
Dirk Hanson is a freelance science reporter and novelist who lives in Minnesota. His most recent book is He has also worked as a business and technology reporter for the Des Moines Register and for numerous trade publications. He is currently the editor of the Addiction Inbox blog, and senior contributiing editor for addiction and recovery site The Fix.
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Feb 04 2010 by Dirk H.

I'm no doctor, but if you have questions or observations, fire away.



Oct 14 2009 by polinaisabel
Hello there...I'm both glad and honored to have had you accepted me as a friend...I just got out of rehab a little over a month ago and, contrary to what I had expected, it's all twice as hard for me now...I hope we can talk about this further as the opportunity comes in order to have some light shed on the gloom that surrounds me at the moment.Thanks for listening...