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What could cause lumps, the size of quarters and sore to touch like a bruise, appear on my daughters lower shins?

My seventeen year old daughter noticed little knots in her knees and a few bump on the lower part of one of her shins. A few weeks later the...

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dino55 wrote on dinesmom's Whiteboard. Jun 11 2009
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Jun 11 2009 by dino55
I'm not sure how old your post is...but three years ago at 50yr. of age, I had the same lumps which were VERY painful.  Erothyma nodosums covered my legs first around the knees then above and below, then on my forearms and hands.  At one point I had over 50 of them.  A rhuematologist saw me and said, You need a  chest x-ray.  I thought he was crazy cause my feet were swollen and lumps were everywhere.  Turns out I had sarcoidosis an infection on my lung.  He told me to take iodine to get rid of the erothymas.  I put 3-4 drops in a glass of water two -three times a day.  Not tasty, tolerable.  In two weeks the painful lumps were diminishing and what an easy way to get rid of them.   The sarcoidosis caused my feet to swell so much I couldn't wear shoes and barely walk from the bone pain it created...but it too went away over a period of a few months.  There is NO treatment for sarcoidosis according to the Dr.'s I saw.  It is a mystery illness, fortuneately it wasn't chronic.  Good luck with your daughter.  dl


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