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Just under rib feels bruised when pushed on left... Over the past few weeks I have had some minor stomach discomfort.  I always felt hungry and would of ...
Jul 31 2012 3:50am
i have the same symptoms. almost identical. 32 yr old female. how long ago was this? did... more
Jul 05 2013 8:35pm
Top 5 Tricky Diets 2010 was the year of new diets embraced by celebrities and thus by commoners, promising effortless ...
Mar 29 2011 8:39am
Extreme soreness below rib cage (left side) I have been sick almost every day for about a year.  I recently found out that I have a hiatal her ...
Mar 25 2010 9:35am
My tenderness is where the colon starts to descend - pain for 4 days and a bloated... more
Nov 20 2010 9:12pm
Possible pancreas problems? About 10 months ago I did a full GI workup including Barium CT scan of the abdomen, and upper and ...
Oct 13 2009 4:59pm
Hello! Hello to all members of the forum!
Jun 22 2009 6:52am
Hello to all members. more
Oct 27 2009 4:51am
Video on digestive help and it seems informative! Fox News Story on Lactagen Hey everyone! I found this video on digestive health and it seems r ...
Jun 09 2009 3:56pm
No problem, hope you enjoyed. My friend tried the product and said it worked miracles... more
Jul 14 2009 11:51am
Has anyone used Lactagen? I've been Lactose Intolerant since I was 5. I've tried everything out there (lactaid, digestiv ...
Apr 27 2009 5:16pm
What about prebiotics for constipation? At a friend's advice, I've been following this high-fiber diet for some time with great results. one ...
Mar 17 2009 1:14pm
About Health Hi,this is alora.Healthy Circles is a personal health record that supports a vast array of feature ...
Feb 21 2009 11:03pm
Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids vs Home... At extreme conditions, hemorrhoids is generally treated by surgery methods. These treatment method ...
Feb 12 2009 1:33am