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You Say Aubergine, I Say Eggplant

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:29pm

One of my all time favorite authors is Terry Pratchett. He is best known for his Disc World series. Wonderful settings, wonderful characters, wonderful stories and an incredible sense of humor.
One of the characters from this series is Nanny Ogg, a rather um...earthy old witch.
Scott bought the Nanny Ogg Cookbook for me and there are actual recipes in it. The recipes run the gamut from Bread and Water (as easy as it sounds, to Sheep's Eyeballs (not what you think) to things like Celery Astonishment, Primordial Soup and

Despite the names, some of these recipes actually sound pretty good and I wanted to try some of them out. Since this is a British book and has not been converted to American English there were some stumbling blocks to get over. The measurements are in g.'s and ml.'s and other odd letters but a quick trip to Google Converter cleared that up. Then there were are things like aubergines, which Doow cleared up for me. They are eggplants. Golden Syrup is apparently quite common over there but is just now gaining popularity over here and with a little effort can be found. I learned that neither Karo syrup or molasses are good substitutes for it.
I was cruising right along converting the recipe until I came to 'stoned dates'. I stared at it for a moment and the best I could come up with was a slightly mushy, horribly battered date that has had rocks and possibly a few biblical curses thrown at it with great enthusiasm. Sure I was missing something quite obvious I went to Google and entered 'stoned British dates.' Okay. If you are at work, do not Google this. If there are small children hanging about, again, don't Google this.
I finally figured out that stoned dates were dates that had been pitted.
I also discovered that there are quite a few spunky British women out there, who, I am hoping, didn't mind being photographed while being spunky. If not, they are going to be so surprised and perhaps a wee bit cranky!

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