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Yet another journey begins....

Posted Sep 05 2010 12:00am

Dylan has accomplished alot of goals this year, the most important being toilet training and preschool. He started school at the beginning of August and he loves it and looks forward to going every morning. This was a big deal for me because I thought it would be so hard, that he wouldn't like it, he would cry...but I was stunned to see the exact opposite.

In early blog posts I have mentioned Dylan changing after surgery, changing meaning his demeanor, his attitude, his emotions, his development---just everything in general. Looking back I have realized that I have always known there was an issue there...The older he gets the more noticeable it has gotten, first I thought it was something he would "grow" out of, but then I saw him regress instead of progress...things have slowed down, and at age 4 I can see a big difference between him and other kids his age, I can even see a big difference in him and his younger brother. Dylan showed signs of "sensory issues" as early as age 2, but at that age its really hard to tell if there is something there worth worrying about...especially when he was battling such a rare bowel disorder like Hirschsprungs that was causing him to be sick and fight for his life.....

Now with confirmation from a developmental specialist, one of my fears has been "brought to life"...Dylan was diagnosed as having "Autism Spectrum Disorder". There are alot of sequence of events thats taken place, gave us suspicions and gave us clues, so we made the decision to have him see a developmental/behavior specialist last week. Now with a diagnosis its time to look into options for therapy, things for me to do at home with him, and just daily teaching stuff to help him succeed in life and bring out the intelligence that we know is in his brain but that he has such a hard time getting out....With great therapies and a daily structured routine Dylan will live a normal life, its up to us to give him that though....Its sad to see him have such a rough time, but it helps me know that my gut was right all along, and now just maybe I can get him some professional help instead of second guessing myself as far as coming up with ideas....This is going to a difficult journey, but we have made it through hirschsprungs so we can make it through anything....But now at least the health and medical issues are out of the way so we can concentrate on the Autism and how to help our special boy.

As they say, God never gives you no more than you can handle, so we will look at this as another learning experience and do whatever we can to help Dylan succeed in life...It may not be easy but no goal worth reaching is...everything in life takes hard work and dedication but in the end, it will all be worth it....
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