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Will A Colonoscopy For Colitis Symptoms Hurt?

Posted Mar 04 2011 4:00am

I was asked recently if having a colonoscopy to invetigate colitis symptoms hurt. My reply was “depends upon your perception of “what hurts”". If you are incredibly squeemish and faint at the first whiff of hospital smells then it is not exactly going to resemble a lazy sunny afternoon.

Are you in extreme discomfort due to your colitis and the extent of the inflammation requires to be examined? Then a slight additional uncomfortable feeling in the colon (and not on the scale of coping with the pain of extensive inflamation of the colon lining) is not really much to get uptight about.

It was not that long ago that a colonoscopy was similar to putting a somewhat inflexible camera up the colon. It was a large instrument and it hurt. Being filled with liquid to assist in the photography made it even worse. Imagine having this when in the midst of a relapse.

That is what I went through.

You don’t have to. Thanks to pin hole technology from the space shuttle or somewhere, a very flexible camera will be inserted. You can even ask for some laughing gas to calm the nerves. (That was another thing I was not offered).

A little discomfort every five years or so to ensure that the inflammation is not growing is a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing what the condition of your colon lining is.

So answering that person’s question… It is as bad as you want your mind to make it, but in reality you will most likely be pleasantly surprised how manageable it is to give you the reassurance of what is happening to the lining of the colon.

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