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why do I have burning fool smelling stools and gas and pain in my descending colon(left lower side and back?

Posted by myeake01

 Stomach burns .  Feel I have celiac but all tests come back negative I also ave a lot of problems with sleeping.  I have allergies and asthma....that seem to get better if I stay away from wheat and milk.  But I test negative for those food allergies also.  I've got fibromyalgia and degenerative disk disease.  I get muscle spams and have feelings of throbbing throughout my left side, colon, back upinto my neck and head.  Feels like I have inflamation or circulation s being cut off.I've also had a hysterectomy due to endrometeriosis and cysts.  Been sick most of my life and I really feel like all of my illnesses are related to diet.  I eat a lot of raw foods now and chicken and fish.  I am only taking zantac and antiacids right now.  I try to stay away from drugs as much as possible.  Also have a lot of sinu pain and pressure on and off with headaches.  I feel like I am a total mess and no one can help me.  Even though I am sick a lot...I am a very happy person otherwise.  Just need help getting to the bottom of this.  KNow I can get cured, but none of the doctors I see can help.  I have 2 colonoscopies and a endoscopy and a biospy but nothing ever shows anything.  I've had blood tests and they don't show anything.  This all started with endrometriosis and cysts and then the fibromyalgia came and  now I have serious acidic bowel problems and I'm just totally overwhelmed.  What should I do.


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