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When i go to the toilet to do a poo it really hurts and my anus bleeds, is there anything i can do to stop this

Posted by kaylam0use

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sounds like hemoroids, also known as piles. sounds really embarrassing and weird sometimes but its not all that bad. you should get a mirror and take a look, if it is a lump sort of thing it means its external otherwise it could be internal. you should go to the chemist or a docter. the docter can tell you for sure that it is that as you dont want to assume because sometimes it can be more serious. the over the counter will relieve the pain and may shrink it but unless you stop the problem it can keep coming back. so i recommend taking in more fibre that will soften your stools and make it less of a strain. if you want to know more look up piles, it will tell you everything!!! hope this helps
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