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When Colitis Symptoms Suddenly Appear

Posted Sep 16 2009 11:08pm

Everyone who is diagnosed with colitis knows that the chances of a relapse happening sometime in the future are probably 100%.

And whilst it is a known, it is also an unknown known. (Sorry I am starting to sound like a politician. Enough of that.)

Can anyone with colitis write down in their diary when their next relapse will occur? If they could, they should sell the secret and retire to their very own tropical island.

Until such a day arrives, colitis sufferers have to continue to live their lives as normally as possible yet always at the back of their mind there is the thought that a relapse might appear from nowhere.

After my first attack, I went on to have four relapses. I could start to see a pattern emerge both in timing when they happened and some evidence based factors of why they happened.

I also saw a pattern of when I could be prone to a sudden appearance of symptoms which would last, thankfully, for only a couple of trips to the toilet. I understood why they happened and tried to avoid future circumstances that were similar.

Start to understand your colitis symptoms and their patterns by getting the answers

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