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What is tortuous sigmoid colon,tortuous splenic flexure and tortuous hepatic flexure?

Posted by stevensonlovebug

I recently was diagnosed as having "a very tortuous sigmoid colon, a very tortuous splenic flexure and an especially tortuous hepatic flexure" as well as having "anal papillomas". The doctor was unable to complete the colonoscopy. The dr. that did the test did not talk with me at all after the procedure so I did not get any explanations. I didn't know about this until I got the medical records that I called & asked for. Could you please explain to me what this is? What this means? If there is any kind of treatment for it? The best I can understand is that my colon,my spleen & my liver are twisted. Is this correct? What will be the outcome of all of this? What happens next? Please help me to understand all of this?. I'm tired of going a month at a time before having a B.M. & then having to do 2-4 enema bags of water just to go then & that's after taking a spoon of GoLytely in a glass of water every morning. Thanks, Carol Stevenson
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