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What is causing these severe abdomen pains and dark orange urine?

Posted by MsFantasyDee


 Tuesday evening I had severe abdominal pain after eating. Same again Thursday, so I fasted for 40 hours and had very little ,if any, pain.Yesterday I had a sandwich and within an hour the pains started again. I have just drank boiled water since thn.Now my urine is very dark also, dark orange. Scared.

I do have an apointment for the doctors but it is in a weeks time. I do not feel unwell or tired but I am obviously worried about this change in my digestive system.

The pain seems to radiate from the stomach area, and when I say it is kept me awake it was that bad.My abdomen fully extends and I do belch a lot. It is very worrying.

I have tried, gaviscon,zantac,pepermint oil,ginger ale,ibubrophen etc etc. Nothing stops the pain other than not eating.

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i have the exact symotons/ problems. my own research suggests possibilities as: pancreatitis, hepatitus, biliary cancer, liver cancer, gall badder or bile duct problems.

the only soultion is to get a cat scan of the abdomen and go from there.

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