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what is a browm, watery vomit that smells like stool?

Posted by Yvonne

for the past three days my husband (age 44) has been bedridded with severe lower abdominal cramps.  Last night he began vomiting a brown watery fluid that smells (and he says, tastes) like raw sewage.  The smell is so repellant, I had to sleep in the guest room.  The vomiting continues this morning, but he says the severe pain has subsided and is replaced with extreme feelings of fatigue (I think becuase he has not really slept in a few days).  He is brushing his teeth often and trying to drink some bottled Deer Park water, but can't hold anything else down. No fever or sweating.  Otherwise he looks okay.  Any ideas?  If he doesn't feel better soon I want to take him to the Emergency room.

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