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What could it mean when there is a moveable, ball like mass in your stomach?

Posted by elderc

I am a 22 years old female.  In the last few months, a ball like mass has developed in my lower abdomen.  It's not really painful, but I've also noticed chances in bowel movements, frequent urination, and uncomfortable feelings of gas and bloating.  Recently, I discovered that if I push on the mass while laying down, it will move upward, under my ribcage.  Then, when I breath in, or, when I push it back down, it either returns to it's "normal" position, or moves to one of my sides.  If the later is the case, then after a few minutes, it eventually finds it's way back to it's "normal" position on it's own.  I have not gained any weight, but the bloating has caused me to go up a few sizes.  It's not a temporary bloating anymore, but a constant feeling of gassy-ness.  When I suck in my stomach, I can see a slight bulge.  I can also feel a pulse near my navel.  When I let my stomach out, it is distinded. 
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