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What can I do to Cure acid reflux?

Posted by Chris H.

I was diagnosed with acid reflux and Gerd.  Long story short- I am on prevacid.  Spendy stuff and I do Not like meds. 

Any alternatives besides surgery for Gerd?  Can this be fixed with Diet alterations?

Thank you very much,

Chris Hood

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Yes and no. I'm sure you already know about the general food guidelines that will help lessen the condition...avoid caffine, chocolate, sodas, and spicy foods. Beyond that it depends on the reason for your GERD. My daughter was on prevacid for a couple of years. She has multiple food allergies. We had her tested to figure out what her allergies were and then eliminated them completely from her diet. Since then she has not needed the medication. It has been over a year now. Obviously, though, this is only going to work if food allergies are the cause. Best of luck to you. I'm  all for getting off meds if you can.

Hey Kiddo-  Thanks so much for  your reply.  It has been a couple of weeks or so since I posted that and I found a book online.  It is the Reflux cure book.  I will post the link when I get back at home and find the book. 

Also- you said it right when you said avoid spicey foods.  I didn't realize how problematic even mildly spicey foods like spaghetti can be.  Also- foods like chips and abrasive foods really irritated my already sore throat.  Honey helped a lot too.  There were too many to remember and I don't want to give away their secrets after they helped me so much.

Oh- also- give your little girl a hug from me.  Poor thing.  hope she is OK.

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