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What are the long term effects and prognosis for a person suffering from ulcerative colitis?

Posted by msmike2003

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Ulcerative Colitis has great potential to be helped by functional and holistic nutrition. Additionally, further functional testing can also help determine what is causing the colitis in the first place. However, I would need to speak with you by phone to learn more about your case.

I am a Certified Nutritionis that specializes in GI health and I would be happy to speak further with you.

I invite you to schedule yourself for a "30 Minute Free Strategy Session" by phone with me where we can talk further.  Just go to and click the "Book Now" button.  It will take you to a page where you will select "Free Strategy Session".  The times are PST, so if you are outside of the USA, just let me know and we can coordinate times by email.


I hope to talk to you soon!





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