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Posted Dec 21 2009 1:43pm
Hey thought I would post an update on how everything is going so far, it has been almost three months since my total colectomy and I am doing great. As for now as I am waiting to return to college in mid January, I am working out at the YMCA 3-4 days a week and just preparing for school again. My life really hasn’t changed that much since the surgery, other than I feel a lot better, I am going out with friends and don’t have any problem wearing my clothes with my bag. I still find it a bit weird going out and meeting new people because everywhere I go people seem to know about what I went through and want to see my bag and my story. And I feel like some people don’t really understand it, like they look at me differently and that it is gross to have the ileostomy. But I guess anyone who really has half of a brain understands that it was a necessary procedure and my life is better now since the surgery. As for returning to college I don’t think it will be that difficult with my bag considering how good I am doing with it. I am majoring in Biochemistry at University of Minnesota-Duluth, I was enrolled for the first week this Fall 2009 semester but became so ill that I couldn’t attend class any more and I had to withdraw and have the total colectomy surgery, since the surgery in the beginning of Oct. I have just been recovering at home. I am able to have the takedown procedure as soon as Jan. but I think if I decide to have it then I would really get out of the groove of school. So I think it is best for me to go back to college in Jan. 2010 and as soon as the semester ends in late May, I will have the take down surgery in June. I will have the summer to recover and get used to the j-pouch which I think will be good since at first I have heard the j-pouch can be different but with time it stretches and my body will get used to it. It really was a difficult decision to withdraw from school and miss this whole semester but I know it actually would have not been possible for me to continue school with the way I was feeling, you can’t function at your highest caliber without your health. It is really crazy to see some how so many people take there health for granted, they don’t realize how lucky they are until something bad happens. Even though I missed the semester and the credits for my major, since the surgery I won’t have to worry about the colitis, I can totally concentrate on school and take summer courses to catch up on my missed semester. Which is not a big deal at all, I am pretty sure I remember hearing that most college students don’t finish they undergraduate degree in four years, so I won’t sweat it. It is just nice to have my health back, and I couldn’t have done it without my family and my surgeon.

Post Total Colectomy
Post Total Colectomy

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