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Ulcerative Colitis Diet And Olive Oil

Posted Jul 07 2011 5:00am

It is interesting the amount of press that olive oil is getting at the moment, so how can this help an ulcerative colitis diet? Olive oil is a very healthy alternative to other more common cooking oils and is great for the blood, circulation and supple joints. Just looks at all these people living around the Med to a ripe old age. It’s the olive oil they say!

Now, the medical profession are undertaking research on the effects of many different aspects of diet and ulcerative colitis and at the present time there is no conculsive proof pertaining to olive oil and how it can mitigate against colitis. I have had a few members comment to me about the use of olive oil and whilst I have written about it before here is some latest info.

Here is a statement from the University of East Anglia’s School of Medicine. “Oleic acid (which is present in olive oil), seems to help prevent the development of colitis by blocking chemicals in the bowel that aggreviate the inflammation found in the illness. We estimate that around half the cases of UC could be prevented if larger amounts of oleic acid were consumed. Two to three tablespoons of olive oil per day would have a protective effects.”

That is quite a statement and would probably find a knowledgeable nod of the head from an older generation that would remeber beinging force fed a tablespoon of cod liver oil each day “to keep the bugs away”.

Commenting on such findings, a medical editor of a health newsletter stated that “…to suggest that supplementing the diet with olive oil might prevent half of colitis cases is contoversial. If this were true, it might be expected that rates of colitis in countries with a diet rich in olive oil would be much lower than other countries. With all studies such as these, finding an association between two things does not mean that one is responsible for the other. In addition, if real, the protective effect of oleic acid against developing the disease is not the same as using oleic acid to treat the disease. This needs to be backed up by further studies.”

So to sum up, ask yourself whether olive oil plays a detrimental role in your diet by way of a reaction. If not, then the health benefits certainly indicate that you should have it as a mainstay and as a bonus if it does benefit reducing the causes of inflammation in the bowel then that is something to acknowledge and be grateful for.

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