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Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Colitis Symptoms Appearing

Posted May 28 2010 7:55am

Here are some tips to reduce the risk of colitis symptoms from occuriing.

As with anything colitis, nothing is guaranteed, but every little helps!

The most important tip you must adhere to is the continual taking of any medication that has been prescribed. Whilst this is self evident during a flare up, when the symptoms recede and the feeling of wellbeing reappears it is only natural to question the need for continued medication. Unfortunately, colitis is not a medical condition that can be forgotten about once the symptoms disappear. During a period of remission, it is dormant and medication is continually prescribed in order to try and keep it in this state. If the medication is reduced or stopped completely, there is a much higher risk of the symptoms reappearing as there is nothing being used to keep them suppressed .

The second tip is a general call to ensure the sufferer’s overall health is watched and maintained, as there is an increased chance of developing an infection or minor illness due to the acknowledged fact that medications such as steroids, used to counter the inflammation of the bowel, can lower the body’s immune system. The effect of this is having a reduced ability to fight off infections such as the common cold or flu. In relation to this, it is then important to try and avoid everyday remedies such as aspirin or ibuprofen for infections as some of the ingredients can cause colitis to flare-up.

Look out for more soon.

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