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This ugly thing called Hirschsprungs....its sneaky....

Posted Oct 22 2010 12:00am
I may not be a doctor, a surgeon, a nurse, or even a scientist...but it doesn't take a genuis to figure some things out. This thing called Hirschsprung's, well it is difficult, a real scary thing at first. Any parent with an HD child knows the first year of Hirschsprungs is the hardest, gradually things get better, then there are back sets as well. With everything Dylan has been through the toughest by far is the surgeries of course, irrigations (who would like those?), and there is bowel obstructions/enterocolitis symptoms. Dylan has done so well since early spring. He has had 1 tummy bug since then (and since preschool started)....But today the ugly Hirschsprungs has showed itself again....Dylan became sick the other day, not "gut" related sick, just sick--like a cold virus/allergies...coughing, sneezing, runny nose and a bit of a fever...As if that weren't enough for him to have to deal with, I woke up this morning to a "mud puddle" on the sofa, any Hirschsprung parent will probably know what I mean by that...My little guy standing beside of the sofa crying his little heart out because he was soaked with watery poo. As I said, this HD thing can be ugly....So here we are today with a nasty cold, and smelly, watery diareaha...Thank you Hirschsprungs for testing my strength. Things are getting better slowly today and Dylan is finally starting to drink a little bit of fluids, and as usual since not eating much for the last few days my little guy looks so skinny....The moral to the story you ask? Hirschsprungs never completely goes away, just when you think things are looking up, it sneaks back in with either a tummy bug or a cold virus....But you know what, we will get through it time and time again, and forget about it a little while longer before it happens yet again....But I can say we are blessed compared to some. Never lose hope, to all those out there trying to keep your HD children healthy, there will always be times when HD seems to get the best of you, or seems to always cause problems, but just remember stay positive things are always going to get better and they will hopefully never be as bad as the previous years....Never give up and know tomorrow is another day, and possibly a healthy HD symptom free one!
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