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The Post-Op Follow-Up Round-Up

Posted Jun 27 2009 9:42pm

I had my post-op appointment Friday over at UCSF. My surgeon saw me as I came in through the hallway and said hi, so my natural reaction was to impress her with an impromptu Irish jig. My reasoning at the time was to show her I’m perfectly healthy (note my joyous footwork!) and am so totally ready for the take-down surgery. I think at this point I just embarrass her in hallways.

Once in the actual appointment, it went pretty fast. To be honest, the only complications I currently have are not related to the J-Pouch at all. The two biggest issues I have right now are my irritated skin (I have super sensitive skin that loves to flare up when I’m within a thousand yards of anything that remotely resembles a seasonal allergy) and one lapro scar that isn’t fully healed. The doc can’t do anything about my skin of course, but she did look at my lapro scar and isn’t too concerned. The wound just needs to heal up, since it seems that it pulled open a little, unlike the other ones. The skin just needs to close up. I currently cover it with a saline-soaked gauze thing, but the doc recommends I use a vitamin A and D topical on it. Just as she said that, she went “Oh wait here’s something better! Try honey!” Apparently you take honey and mix in sugar until it’s the consistency of a paste. Cover the wound in that, cover with gauze, and let it heal. I then added “Sweet! I can then finish off the left-overs!”, at which point we both laughed and high-fived each other. Ok, we didn’t high-five, but she did look at me weird when I mentioned I could eat the left-overs. I just hope I don’t attract bees and … and bears. Or even worse, bees the size of bears.

She then, how can I put this, used her finger to see how my J-Pouch was feeling… from within. As I lay there on my side, wondering why I didn’t have a rape-whistle handy, she said I’m healing up well and seem to be on track for takedown. Not too shabby, methinks. The first week in July I’ll go in for an x-ray and they’ll verify if everything is where it should be, progress-wise. The take-down will then be scheduled the week afterwards, so the rough plan right now is I’m going back for round two in the second week of July!

So yeah, a pretty successful post-op, except for the part where I forgot to ask about my diet. When can I eat sausage again?!
Until then, my stoma and I will continue to solve mysteries each week. This previous week’s adventure is below:

On a side note, a special shout out to Elise, who is about to escape the hospital.

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