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The “What Is Colitis” Anxiety And Are You In Control?

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am

Once you have been given a colitis diagnosis, what is it to be? Are you going to leave it to fate, the gods or whatever and hope that the disease and what is throws at you does not hurt too much or are you going to stand up and start taking control?

Even in the height of a relapse, you can still have some form of control in what you do to ensure your symptoms do not become uncontrolled.

If during a period of remission, you can be very much in control with what you eat, what you do, in fact how you live your life.

Living with colitis is not a prison sentence.

You can still have a great deal of control over your life.

So when you ask “ what is colitis?” ensure that the answer is not “a disease that takes away my freedom”.

Find out how my knowledge and experience of colitis will ensure you get back control at The Colitis Experience

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