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The Last Rainstorm

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

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Last week, or was it the week before? It was before this hideous heatwave had settled in, crushing us under it's hot, wet, suffocating, heat.
We had a rainy day. Do you remember those? It starts with a freshening wind blowing across the top of the trees. The sky becomes grey and low. You can feel the moisture on your cheeks before the cooling rain spatters on the ground. It's a good thing. Anyway... on this, our last recorded rainy day, I went outside from time to time and took pictures of the clouds. They were roiling and writhing and low in the sky but I was fairly certain there wouldn't be a tornado this time because the weather had cooled down so much and the whole thing had been going on for hours. While I was taking this picture I looked down the street and saw my neighbor cross the street and stare at the yard behind the house next to us. He stood there staring, eyes pointed at the sky, arms tight at his side and he shifted back and forth on his feet. His head whipped around, he stared at me and then his attention was riveted on what ever it was he was seeing behind the house next door. After a few seconds this (see photo below) ground out into view.

I snapped a quick picture (click on it to see bigger) and then walked down the street a bit to peak at the whole thing. Wow! Absolutely awesome! I raised my camera and a lightning bolt chose that moment to snap out of the cloud and hit something pretty close by. ZZZZAAPPP!
I learned to teleport that day and magically materialized myself to my front entry way. I do not do lightning.

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