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The Air Is Limp

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

Everything is limp and dank this morning. Just lazily laying there not doing much of anything. We are off to WalMart in just a little bit. All of us in varying degrees of enthusiasm. Katy is skipping with joy. She loves shopping for holidays and she's saved up her allowance to buy everyone a little thing. Michelle is 16, shopping is a serious business and approached with a serious manner. As if she were a troop preparing for battle. I'm not even sure if there is something she specifically wants, it doesn't matter, it's a store and it will be plundered.
Scott is resigned to the whole thing. He is used to obeying orders he doesn't like and quite adept at turning off until the task is done.
I am approaching this with an efficient attitude. I am going to divide up the list, equip everyone with cell phones and send them all scurrying off with definite tasks to accomplish leaving me with the fun stuff. The chocolate. Even though the girls know the secrets of the Easter bunny there still must be a basket Easter morning. It's as much for me as it is for them. I love sneaking in the easter baskets while the girls sleep and hiding eggs and little gifts. I will be sad when this part of life is over.

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