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Taking These For Your Colitis Symptoms?

Posted Feb 08 2011 3:00pm

There is the one medication for colitis symptoms that is strongly advocated to be taken whether in remission or suffering a relapse. And that is anti inflammatories. I took them religously no matter how well I felt. Why?

Experience told me that if I did not take them then I was
leaving myself wide open to the chances of another relapse
happening. I found out the hard way. I took medical advice
and I certainly paid for it.

The medical advice that I received after my initial attack back
in 1994 was, looking back seriously flawed. I stopped taking
the anti inflammatories and, I believe, through this action plus
others influences I scored an own goal. By June 1995, I was
back in the clutches of a colitis relapse.

It cost me my job (I knew I couldn’t undertake the requirements
of my role when I had this affecting me, so in fact it was almost
a relief when I was advised).

These were the early days of my colitis journey. There was not
a lot of info about. You really had to rely on your doctor and
consultant. Thankfully things have changed for the better.

Throughout my colitis journey after that first relapse, I ensured
medication was taken yet I did try and vary the dosage and seek
any alternative therapies. So, the best bit of advice I can give
is if you are on prescriptive medication, then take it, yet don’t be
beholden to it.

If you become lazy with taking it then you are perhaps leaving
yourself open to colitis symptoms biting back big time.

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