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Surgical Treatment of Hemorrhoids vs Home Treatment

Posted by Tisashwani

At extreme conditions, hemorrhoids is generally treated by surgery methods. These treatment methods are expensive but are mostly recommended for better and long term relief:

  • Laser treatment: It is used to vaporize various types of hemorrhoids with the help of tiny laser beam. This is recommended to cure specific types of hemorrhoids, causes little bleeding, heals quick and less painful than other types.
  • Infrared photo coagulation: In this method an infrared light is used to congeal the vein to prevent the blood to arrive the hemorrhoid.
  • Laser coagulation: This method involves applying an electric current to the hemorrhoid. At hand then a chemical reaction which prevents the blood flow to the hemorrhoid and it withers away.
  • Injection sclerotherapy: In this treatment a chemical is injected into the mucous membrane in the region of the hemorrhoid. This causes the vein put up the shutters and the hemorrhoid gets smaller.
  • Rubber band ligation: This course of action involves placing a small rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid. The pour of blood to the region is restricted and it gets smaller.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: This treatment (hemorrhoidectomy) is the most successful way to treat large internal hemorrhoids.

    Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home:

  • Improve your diet - It is beneficial to avoid any reappearance of hemorrhoids by improving your diet so as to avoid constipation. Drink lots of water and fruit juice and also take plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet.
  • Include Fibres - It is also essential to increase the fiber content with more cereals, nuts and whole-wheat breads.
  • Exercise Regularly - Start regular exercise such as walking, cycling or swimming several times a week as this helps to keep the bowels regular. This exercise will have the added advantage of making you sleep better at night as well as, helping in weight control.
  • Helpful tips - Relieve swelling by using ice pack, then take a warm bath 3 to 4 times per day, clean the anus after each bowel movement with moist toilet paper or baby wipes.

Hemorrhoids are best cured at home and through medications if reached a higher level. For more useful information regarding other methods of Hemorrhoids treatments, visit a complete Hemorrhoids guide.

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