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Surgery #2: Two Weeks Post-Op

Posted Aug 20 2010 9:11am

Things are shaping up quite nicely. I went to visit my surgeon on Tuesday and he is very happy with my progress. He recommended chewable vitamins for the time being (I bought the gummi one a day multivitamins…soooo awesome!) I am also taking two chewable Immodium tablets a day to slow down my bowels. I have been going about 4-5 times daily on average since I started the Immodium.
So it’s going well. I haven’t needed the A&D ointment in a week, no more pain and I’ve stopped taking Advil and I am now sleeping through the night without getting up to go to the bathroom. It’s astounding!
Oh and in other news, I had sushi last night! It went remarkably well. No issues whatsoever. Love it! :)
Let’s see what else. I go back to see the doctor in four weeks. My incision is scabbing pretty well. I’ll post a picture of the little guy soon.
Tomorrow my best friends Lisa and Josh are getting married and I am standing up in their wedding! Congratulations to them! I’m wondering how I’ll go to the bathroom in my huge bridesmaid’s dress…yikes…that will be interesting. More on that to follow. :P
School starts on Monday and I am ready to rock and roll! Work is going well. I am beat by the end of the day but ever since I got back on vitamins and have my appetite back I have much more energy. I have been taking the little guy I nanny for out on walks every single day. Good for him, great exercise for me! :) Win-win scenario really. The more active you are the better things will go! No doubt about it!

That’s all for now!

Best of health to everyone!

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