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Surgery #2: One Week Post-Op

Posted Aug 12 2010 6:33am

So here we are, exactly one week after surgery.
Here’s what I’ve learned:

A&D ointment is the best thing for butt burn.
Bananas and potatoes are a key binder of stool.
Walking helps any if not all gas pains.
Heating pads and two Advil will do the trick at night.
Turkey is evil.

The average number of bowel movements (with control) per day as of 8/11/10: 12

The incision is no longer bleeding, but continue to weep just a little. I take off the dressings every day before I shower and replace them afterward to allow the incision some air and for cleaning. I believe the wound is beginning to scab over. There is hardly any pain from this at all.
I started driving two days ago and I’m going rather slow. Bumps are not friendly so every precaution is taken. But otherwise it’s fine.
I go back to work today (I’m a nanny for an 18-month old boy) and I am really excited to see my little friend after two weeks! :) His grandmother is going to help me out the first couple of days to make sure I am comfortable. She’ll assist with lifting, walking, etc. The family I work for has been most supportive and wish to help me every step of the way in my recovery.
I am beginning to notice a pattern in my bowel movements. I typically go only once during the night. I am going to bed between 9-10. At 3 a.m. on the dot, I’ve been waking up
to use the restroom, but it’s mostly gas. I’ve been trying to eat early dinners to impede the amount of times I go at night. Then I wake up again at 6 a.m. to use it again. In the mornings, I’m usually going 3-4 times. Throughout the day, I will go around 3.5-4 hours without a b.m. at this point in the game. I also usually go once before bedtime.
Holding it can be uncomfortable at times, but it is necessary to train the pouch to expand. The consistency of the stool varies on what I’ve eaten. Food like pasta, rice, potatoes usually allows for more solid movements, anything with milk or cheese I am beginning to notice makes it a little runny. I had a small turkey sandwich with cheese yesterday. Bad idea! I was gassy the rest of the day with horrible pains bubbling through my gut. By the evening everything had passed and I was okay, but I think I will hold off on the turkey until later. I had chicken the day before that and it went well. I had a small slice of cheese pizza and it sat without a problem.
Keep in mind, I am only trying one new thing per day. Otherwise I stick to the tried and true bananas, yogurt, egg, and/or plain cereal for breakfast, some sort of rice for lunch, I’ll snack on some crackers/pretzels in the afternoon, and a pasta/potato with maybe a meat for dinner. Juices are going pretty well. Orange and apple I have tried so far with breakfast. No worries there. I haven’t tried any raw veggies or dried fruits because doctor said it would increase bowel movements or cause issues at this stage.
Slowly and steady wins the race after all.
I’ve had a little bit of problems with butt burn. The high concentration of enzymes in the food are beginning to scorch my tush, combined with the amount of bowel movements. So I clean myself with some little Cottonelle on the go wipes and apply some A&D ointment to the irritated area at least twice a day. It helps almost immediately and really appears to do the trick.
My follow up with the doctor is this coming Tuesday, so we shall see what he has to say. Still no vitamins or calcium yet. Hopefully he’ll let me start back on those soon. I’m a little sluggish in the afternoon without them.
Our bodies are amazing things. This recovery is going smoothly so far. A little bumps along the way (as expected) but far better than the first surgery, of that I am absolutely certain.

New post following doctor’s visit! Wish me luck!

Be well everyone!

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