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sudden belly fat, bloating, diarrhea, gas

Posted by Lyn Rickard R. Facebook

I had diverticulitis just once a few years ago. Other than that I have not had any belly fat until a few months ago. I eat a "good" diet...olive oil, hardly any fatty food, lean meats, fish(including herring,sardines, cod liver oil), tons of salad and vegetables and fruits and nuts. Some caffeine, some alcohol, not a smoker and I do exercise daily.  It has been a stressful year and that's when the belly fat occurred along with sudden diarrhea,a lot of gas issues, and bloating, and cramping after eating ...none of these things have occurred before. Is this IBS? Are there things listed above that I should STOP doing(besides probably no alcohol and caffeine). Is there something I can do to help my diet out to balance my system in a better way?  I took Acidopholus B every day for two weeks but that didn't seem to change things.  I want to cut this belly fat out too!


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