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Splenectomy, removal of gallbladder & and a stomach filled with air and gas. What's this? Also, hemolytic anemia - ???

Posted by rhodywrit

After I had my gallbladder removed, I couldn't get rid of the bloated stomach the dr. said would go down.  Then I had a splenectomy, where they again pumped gas int om stomach before the operation.  I haven't been able to get rid of it, and it's uncomfortable and annoying.  My stomach hurts, as do the areas where my gallbladder and splene once were.  There is a 3 letter abbreviation for the air-filled bloating and discomfort in my stomach.  What is going on, and can I do something to rid myself of this extended balloon-like feeling in my stomach?  I was also diagnosed with hemolytic anemia, SLE, and bruise easily.
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ive had my gallbladder and spleen removed and although I am well now I have lost my waistline and have a swollen upper part of my belly
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