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Specialist in southeast michigan for acute gastroparesis and autonomic?

Posted by Karen

A friend of mine has gastroparesis and has not responded well to any treatments. She goes in every now and again for IV feedings and only drinks assure, etc. for nutrition.  Although she had the j tube installed, she could not handle the at her job.  She is now beginning to develop balance issues (running into walls, light-headedness, etc.) and she has also developed vibrations/buzzing in her feet (peripheral neuropathy?). Although she has stopped going to any doctor at the moment because she has said that they never do anything to help, she believes that she needs to see an autonomic specialist? The doctors that she has seen won't do electrical gastric stimulation because her disease has progressed thru the entire digestive system.  The last scope they did, there was no contraction at all.  She has tried Zofran but it stopped working.  She has tried and doesn't tolerate mirtazapine well.  What can I do to help? Is there a great specialist that you trust and could recommend?  She does not look well and I fear the worst but she has a hard time asking for help!!  You have not idea what it took for me to pull this much out of her!!!
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