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Soccer Saturday and a little frustration

Posted Jun 16 2009 12:22am
I don't have any pictures to post today of Sam's last soccer game of the fall because it was raining and I didn't want to risk harming my camera. Rick was the coach of today's game because their coach is enjoying a vacation in Mexico. He was tired of yelling by the end of the game. The girls would rather talk to each other than play position today, but I guess that is the attention span of an 8 year old. I did see a change in Sam's abilities over the past two months. I am proud of how she has grown as a goalie. It really is genetic.

I am also quite frustrated today. Both girls have been fairly disrespectful lately. Megan has decided to write on furniture and the walls and Sam has gotten really sassy. And then to top it off their rooms have gotten out of control. I don't know how to handle things lately. So today I started to clean out their rooms myself. I took two big bags of garbage and three bags of toys out of Megan's room. I started in Sam's room but I couldn't take it anymore so Rick took me out to dinner. I will finish Sam's room in the morning. That is not exactly how I wanted to spend my sunday but it looks like I don't have a choice. Especially when Sam says she is too tired to help me and would rather have me take away her toys than help me pick them up. Help!! I don't know what to do.

I know that I have given them too much over the years and now it has turned around to bite me in the ass. It made me happy to give them stuff but now I am suffering the consequences. I don't know what I should get rid of and what I should keep. And because of this mess they have also lost the privilege of having a nice big playroom in the basement. Rick has decided to move things around downstairs and they will now have the smallest room in the basement as their playroom. I am okay with that because they can't even clean up their bedrooms, let alone the playroom. They will be losing a lot of things as a consequence of their disrespect for us and the house.

Any advice on this subject would be fantastic. I am struggling a bit with this decision, even though I am sure it is the right thing to do. Whoever said being a parent was easy? Anyone?

Until next time,
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