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Sickness and diarrhea advice

Posted by Be Well

There are many different conditions that can cause you unscheduled trips to the bathroom. But one of the most common causes of gastroenteritis (stomach bugs) is a virus called norovirus.

Norovirus is infectious - this means you can get it from coming into contact with an infected person

Norovirus is infectious. This means you can get it from coming into contact with an infected person, or touching infected surfaces like door handles or toilets. It's more common in the winter - sometimes you might hear it called 'winter vomiting disease '.

Anyone can get norovirus. But outbreaks are more common in enclosed spaces like nurseries, schools, hospitals and care homes.

Norovirus usually is a mild condition and you're likely to make a full recovery within 2-3 days.

What can I do to treat norovirus?

There is no specific treatment for norovirus and it's best to just let it run its course.

However, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Try taking frequent sips of water or fruit juice, even if you are being sick.

Adults can also take rehydration drinks. These are available from pharmacies (chemists) and provide the correct balance of salt, sugar and minerals for your body. Rehydration drinks are not always advised for children - speak with your pharmacist or doctor first.

Adults can also take anti- diarrhea medicine, which is available at pharmacies and over-the-counter (OTC) at shops such as supermarkets. Anti- diarrhea medicines are not suitable for:

  • children, or
  • adults who have a fever (a temperature that is over 38C or 100.4F).

Check with your pharmacist if you are unsure.

Preventing norovirus

You can reduce the risks of getting a norovirus by practicing good hygiene. Always remember to wash your hands after using the toilet and before preparing food.

If you have the symptoms of norovirus, try to avoid direct contact with other people for at least 48 hours (two days) after your symptoms have gone. You should also avoid preparing food for others until at least three days after your symptoms have gone.

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In general, when your child is vomiting a lot from something like a stomach virus (gastroenteritis), you really don't have to worry much about feeding them anything for the first day or so. Instead, you should concentrate on getting them to drink a lot of fluids so that they don't become dehydrated. And then once they are keeping fluids down, you can quickly advance them back to their regular diet. Everyone need to <gt; for basic treatment.
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One practical tip on how to stop diarrhea is taking pro-biotic yogurt. This pro-biotic yogurt may contain enzymes that would combat the symptoms of specific types of diarrhea and thus shortening the duration of this medical condition.

my child keeps getting a sickness,and the runs,hes only 7 and seems to b loosin weight from it, concerned about him now, dont know if its anything to do wiv it,but his sleep routine is arratic,

3 weeks my daug had she 13

For the past five days i have had sickness, diarrhea, a temp, sweats and the chills. 

I have am now suffering from dehydration as i cant keep fluids.  I also suffer from bi-polar and take medication for it.  At the moment i cant even keep my tablets down which adds to my problems as i am also suffering with bipolar systems as well.  I keep getting the feeling that someone is watching me in my own house.  The doctors don't seem to want to help me with this instead they give me preperations to stop me needing to go to the toilet and cure the sickness and diarrhea.  Bipolar scares me far more than sickness and diarrhea.

My symptoms include dehydration, stomach craps, distended stomach, temp of 102oc, rash on one side of my body and all over my face.  I cant sleep and this is making things worse. 

The doctors have told me to eat chicken and rice but all that seems to do is go through me.  My mental health is really starting to suffer.    It is really starting to get me down.

Anyone who is suffering has my sympathy.  I hope you get back to yourself soon.

had this three times now  in 2 years always starts with a high temp/shivers then headaches then the diarea and vomiting starts . i find even water goes right through me  its a nasty virus which lasts 5 days i would recommend drink water only until better nhs told me to eat mash pots and pasta helps kill the bugs good luck
been really ill for 4 days... just started to get better now, sickness stopped but still have alittle diarea. had a blinding headache for four days,started a day before sickness and diarea. just kept sipping water and managed to have three slices of dry toast in four days.if you've got this good luck it's bad..
I had this diarea and sickness and i was up all night i found by being sick untill i got everything out of my system and going to the toilet alot that it has cleared up my problem. I have not eaten anything all day all i have been drinking is cokecola and boiled kettle water after it has colded down. this has stopped the sickness so i suggest that people with this problem do what i did and then maybe the following day start to eat bland food toast, cereal, soup ect
ive just had this sickness and so has my family and at the moment im weak but im not being sick no more but i am expericening headaches  after
iv had realy bad sickness + diarrhea for 5 days i had my bloods done as i was so week they ,came back with low white blood cells iv to get them done again in two weeks time im realy scared there is some think  bad going on .help x 
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