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Sick! Sick! Sick!

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:30pm

To fully understand my dismay see the two previous post. Right below this one. Just scroll down. There you go.
Okay, so I went to check out my stats thingee and there, under keyword analysis, I find:

1)naughty santa
That's right, the first keyword set listed is for bad santas. And to make it worse they were pointed to my site! That means the whole damn internet thinks I am a purveyor of nasty santa stuff. The shame of it all.
A little further down on the list I found these sets of keywords.
8) Purtrid
9) Spider Bits
10) Rattlesnake Bits

Purtrid, adj. meaning bloated and rotting Santa carcass.
Okay, not really, I made it up. Actually, it is not a word. It is the misspelling of a word. So, not only am I the offerer of nasty Santa stuff, I am also the haven of misspelled words. Beautiful.

Now, as for the spider bits and the rattlesnake bits, I can understand that. I am Crunchy Bits and bits is bits, right??
But why, for the love of God, is someone looking for snake and spider bits??? Ewww. Too gross.

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