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Severe headache and vomitting neck pain

Posted by Sean1988

Severe headaches that lead to vomitting, neck pains, higher tempeture but not fever. constant coughing

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This could be any number of things -- some serious, some not. You really need to see your doctor. Unexplained head pain should always be checked out. Especially given the neck pain, you need to see your doctor to rule out illnesses such as meningitis.

Please see your doctor.


It sounds like you have severe neck impingements or pinched nerves in your neck. Your body is screaming for you to do something. The best thing for you to do is see a Chiropractor. Chiropractic Dr's are trained specifically to remove pinched nerves throughout your neck and back. They are specialists. If you live in WA state, see us at 253-852-1250, we offer a $20 special to get started. If you live in another state, Google a Chiropractor in your State.

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