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Selection and protection of the health of the eye glasses

Posted Mar 25 2013 8:20am
The pleasing things need to appreciate how to turn on a light, window for a better tomorrow? Whether food, clothing, housing, line, education,

entertainment aspects, in everyday life we ??should pay attention to maintenance of the eye, the eye movement do not hesitate.

First, get that eye health

What kind of diet can promote eye health? The first re-balanced diet, especially a variety of antioxidant vitamins, vitamin A, zinc, and high

-density lipoprotein, plays a very important role for the maintenance of eye function, disease prevention.

Antioxidant vitamins, the more well-known, such as vitamins C and E, can be excluded from the human body is not normal accumulation of oxides

avoid tissue damage, if the lack of early onset cataract in the eye will produce anti-retinal degradation, we can intake of dark green

vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamin C, can get enough vitamin E from the various plant seeds such as peanuts, walnuts, pine cones ……


Poor night vision and dry eye with vitamin A deficiency is closely related to the precursors of vitamin A is carotene, so we can eat more

carrots, tomatoes … and other fruits and vegetables, or deep-sea fish, cod liver oil to supplement.

Zinc with high density protein essential for the health of the retina, the function of the zinc is currently a hot topic, the statistics

related to age-related macular degeneration, and high-density lipoprotein, can promote blood circulation, prevent arteriosclerosis, helps to

improve blood circulation in the eye, intraocular hemorrhage and vascular thrombosis prevention, both being rich in seafood.

Often been asked about the acceptance of eye surgery, postoperative diet should pay attention to what? In general, after the eye surgery, diet

and there is no special taboo, but spicy foods to avoid, afraid to to cause hold your breath and coughing, and indirectly cause increased

intraocular pressure, affect wound healing.

Second, the choice of the Glasses

The glasses can be said that the clothes of the eyes, the main purpose of vision correction, followed by protection of the eyes and beautiful.

In the choice of the lens, it is best to be able to denial ultraviolet injury lenses, glasses must be long-term wear, the the lightweight

resin lenses or Space synthetic safety lens is appropriate, if the reading glasses with light transmittance. good lens can be, the other

engaged in welding or lathe work, should be equipped with a device that can be isolated from UV enhanced safety goggles, in order to ensure

the safety of the work.

Selection of frames, children are restless and often have to replace the degree to lightweight, sturdy, inexpensive plastic frame more

appropriate general frame of myopia, as long as the light weight, sturdy your own favorite to select However, if combined with a high degree

of astigmatism, in order to achieve accurate axis, it is best not to choose a circular frame, while others choose the advanced frame, titanium

frames, in addition to comfortable, more can highlight your status.

Home life eye notified

Bright environment, fresh air, for the maintenance of the eye is most important, while the TV decorations position is a science, generally

from viewers about three meters (six times the length of the TV screen diagonal) the center point of the screen should be than the sight

slightly lower, the contrast should not be too strong, ornamental indoor should maintain moderate lighting, so it does not lead to eye


Cleaning work in the home environment, such as cleaning the ceiling, should wear protective glasses, should pay attention to the direction of

the nozzle cleaners use to avoid directly injected into the eye.

The air conditioning system to maintain a certain humidity, or easily cause the symptoms of dry eye, filter light wash regularly, otherwise

easily lead to allergic conjunctivitis.

Fourth, tourism, car maintenance eyes

Tourism is a pleasant thing, but if the journey unwell, not only disappointing, a doctor is also very inconvenient, so there must be well


Must be long-term eyedropper control diseases, such as glaucoma patients, prior to travel must be more prepared drugs, side to prepare

physicians opened summary of the medical records, to prepare for contingencies.

Bespectacled friend, preferably more than ready to be a pair of glasses, to prevent temporary glasses damage can not be repaired, if you want

to ski or the seaside playing in the water, isolated from UV sunglasses is essential.

Road wear contact lenses, to pay attention to the same routine cleaning and maintenance procedures, and can not be sloppy, if engaged in a

long-distance flight, aircraft hypoxia dry, to prevent chapped and eyes contact lenses, contact lenses should be before you go to sleep

removal of artificial class solution moisturize eyes every two hours, and to shorten the time of the strap.

Car to avoid a car accident when the windshield debris directly hurt the eyes, be sure to fasten your seat belt, and select the types of

vehicles equipped with airbags and laminated glass, the other driving a car at night for aesthetics do not wear sunglasses, so as not to

reduce the amount of light, reduce the visual judgment.

Vehicle maintenance and repairs must pay attention to the protection of the eye, especially the tank of superheated steam and battery acid,

should be especially careful.

How to make eyes get enough rest

Good lighting, correct reading posture, proper rest, adequate sleep is the only way of eye. Ideal light source is projected by the left rear

to the table, and do not blink, reading books retribution is sitting at the desk, to maintain a proper distance (30 to 35 cm) and good


Engaged in close for a long time work, such as reading, watching TV, playing computer ……. should be thirty to forty minutes of rest every

five to ten minutes, in order to avoid the increase in ciliary muscle spasm caused headaches and myopia.

Usually have to take the time to visit the park or country hikers, eyes staring into the distance, is best eye movements.

Exercise eye protection

Some movement of the ball very quickly, such as baseball, tennis, badminton, golf, and we must pay special attention to the protection of the

eye, it is best to wear goggles, other projects, such as football, judo may direct impact on the eye, and be sure to wear protective gear .

Movement equipped with the glasses frame to avoid sharp edges, the lens the Zeyi safety lenses as the preferred.

Usual attention to maintenance, the eyes any discomfort to turn to professional ophthalmologist for treatment as soon as possible, to seize

the opportunity to strive for efficacy. The eyes are the window to the soul, always grasp the eye of the know-how in everyday life, not only

the eyes, and other body functions can be more active, to bring about the physical and mental health.
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