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RUQ fullness/discomfort/pain near sternum slightly to the right. Senstion of somethig displacing when my cat "kneads" that area?

Posted by liisab

Past 3 years I have symptoms of fullness/discomfort/pain in  my RUQ around the sternal area. Incidents of feeling/sensation of something moving or displacing (maybe against my rib cage when my cat "kneads" me in that area with no pain. Symptoms arise transiently but mostly when I am working (I work 12 hours shifts and am on my feet all the time (Nurse)), but symptoms do arise when not at work. Sometimes I think I am nauseous after eating but very slightly. No GERD (acid reflux). Normal bowel pattern but will occassionally get loose stool. No blood in stool. Chronic anxiety. Eat Healthy. History of lypomas (I include this because of the nature of the incidence when my cat kneads my abdoman)

Tests: HIDA scan negative

Upper GI series with barium negative

H Pylori blood test was inconclusive- was give antibiotic series (but did not finish all of them (I know You must take all of the antibiotics...)

PCP palpated with no findings but I did stress to her about what I feel when my cat Kneads my abdoman.

Was given Omeprazole for GERD but I believe I don't have GERD. I do not take this medication.

Any Idea? I get worried when these syptoms arise because I do work on the oncology floor. I feel I should get a CAT scan to see if there is any sort of mass. I am worried because it is near my liver but then again it would be located on my muscle...???

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