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RUQ fullness and change in bowl habits

Posted by chirpypeeper



for the past couple of weeks I have noticed a fullness in my right upper quadrant. No pain just a fullness, almost like I need to belch or burp. I have also notice a change in bowl habits. I am generally very regular with 1 bowl movement per day in early morning. Normal looking stool, neither very hard or soft. Both of these symptoms began at about the same time. Lately when I need to defecate I will go but it feels incomplete. Often a couple hours later I will need to go again and then the resulting stool is long and thinner in diameter than usual. It should be noted that around the time this began I was constipated badly for about 5 days almost to the point of impaction. When I finally was able to go (which required some digital assistance) the stool was very large in diameter and very long which I suppose is to be expected. For what it is worth I seem to be very hungry lately. The fullness is often made to feel better after a bowl movement. I have an appointment with MD in 3 weeks but am concerned and wonder if anyone can provide a clue as to what is going on. I still have a BM daily. I had a hemorrhoid surgically removed about 10 years ago. Occasionally see blood streaks in stool but not often and usually associated with a period of constipation but only for perhaps a day. Any clues?


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