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Running Away

Posted Feb 04 2012 11:10am

Water color, graphite and some photoshop tweaking.

I've been daydreaming of escape.  Of running away to someplace different.  Someplace else.  As if the act of running was some way of hitting a great big reset button and everything will go back to normal.  If I just hopped into the car and started moving I could some how outrun the disease and the depression.  But, I know that won't work.  Crohn's is my ever present companion no matter where I go. I can't escape it no matter how hard I try.  The only way to deal with it is to look it in the eye, accept it for what it is, and then work around it or through it.
In defiance of the Crohn's I've been setting goals.  Little goals that take a bit of work to realize but are not impossible.  For example, I am not going to, at this point in the game, decide that I am going to climb a mountain next week.  I will, however, clean out my closet.  However, now that I think about it, if you could see my closet you might be telling me to chose the mountain instead. There is an extreme likelihood that I may be buried by an avalanche of out dated and worn apparel cascading off one of the shelves.  Also, I think there might be a few angry goats and quite possibly a Sherpa and his llama in there somewhere.

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